Day one

I woke up at the same time as Aneta around 7:30 and was afraid to fall asleep again, because Aneta brought Ísabella to give her breast milk and she kept on sleeping.. It was lovely to lay beside her and just look at her sleep :-) Ísabella woke up at around 9:00 turned to me and closed her eyes and turned around to where Aneta sleeps and turned again to me and gave me this beautiful smile :-) We went out of bed and had look into the living-room and played for a while, she was not upset being just with her father and was always smiling to me. Then we had a new nappy put on because I heard earlier some explosions earlier, but it was just a nappy full of piss :-) Afterwards I made her some porridge for her and had it cool a little and gave her a little later. She was not very keen on me not letting her have another spoon to play with the porridge and refused to eat. So I took her out of the chair and smelled this awful pooh smell so I had to change her nappy again. The first day was mainly just to get to know each other better, we had a look at some books, did some puzzles and just played together. It was a lovely being with her :-) But the main challenge was that I had Viktor and Alexander also so I couldn’t just focus on Ísabella but it turned well out… Alexander is going to be with me till 24th August, he starts school then and Viktor goes tomorrow to play school.