Geysir - version 1.6.0 (skipped version 1.5.1)

Upcoming features/updates/fixes

  • Fix - now you can change colors of buttons individually
  • Change - now the index page has a slideshow at top and sections underneath instead of sections on top of slideshow.
  • New - now Pillar is the new grid layout (album & content) and can be configured to your liking in admin panel.
  • New - now there is an option to turn on album downloads
  • New - now there is an option to turn on content downloads
  • Fix - Now when there is no Exif data to display, the exif tab is hidden. 
  • New - Now Geysir supports languages, both core and custom.
    If you would like the custom translation to your language let me know and I'll add it after I have released to Github, I am going to try and release the update this week, there are still a few things I need to sort out first.
  • A lot more. There is also a long list of fixes under the hood.