Version 1.3 of my Koken theme

Hi, just wanted to write a little about my upcoming version 1.3 of my Koken theme.
If you didn't know then I have created this theme for the Koken system which is free for everyone to use.
I have done a lot of cleaning in my code and also added a bunch of new features.
I have also added a bunch of settings for the theme. It would be great if you could comment here below what you think of the new changes, and if you find any bugs it would be great if you could let me know and I'll fix it.
And also if you don't find any bugs to let me know about that too. I'm going to try and make the new theme available for testing on your own server, if you would like to test it out, send me a line and I'll send you a link so you can download it.

A few new features:

  • Search - my theme is search ready.
  • Lazy infinite loading
  • Here are the available templates: Timeline, Content, Contents, Album, Albums, Set, Essay, Essays, Contact form ready.
  • Fully responsive - Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
  • Fullscreen Menu, also responsive.
  • Most things are changeable in admin settings.
  • The only free theme (I know of) that has Pjax and Nprogress for smoother/faster navigation.